Need Help? by MenzAgitat (unofficial english version) par Anonyme
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Need Help? you can give your users easy access to view the help topics you created.

You can document your commands channel, you create a help to use tcl commands, memory aids for your lessons etc.

The possible uses are endless. See the list of features and syntax below for more information.


Intuitive operation, context-sensitive help on the commands of the script.

Multi line / paragraphs using messages.

Ability to define a generic help message that will be displayed by typing
the help command without arguments.

You can associate a trigger to a help topic (e.g: !admin can be combined with help topic of "list of directors" to display its contents.

Ability to create aliases (help topics referring to the contents of another).

Ability to perform a search or filter the results by using wildcards (feature available in consultation mode and with sub-commands -list -triggerlist and -triggerinfo ).

When a help topic is not found, suggesting close subjects (phonetically, orthographically, common words, words / letters in a different order).

Help command available for the public, private message and partyline (except triggers).

Ability to define global issues (available on all channel) or local (available on one channel).

The help topics may include spaces or special characters.

Also works when the command is typed in color, bold, etc.

Automatic filtering (or optional) style codes if the mode + c is detected on a chan or the flag + h is set to a handle.

Antiflood protection (does not apply to administrators).

Creating a daily backup of the database.

Many administrative commands for easy management.


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