BlackTools par Anonyme
Catégorie : Sécurité - protection
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Description :
BlackTools is the most complete channel management script who can manage channels from all the IRC networks. Use the .h command to see the magic.

Modules included : idle, limit, seen, voiceme, voiceonmsg, clonescan, vote, next, clonescan, quote and much more.

Protections included: antipub, antinotice, antiflood, noproxy, antitake and much more.

Lot of commands included. Manual available for everything.


Version 2.5.5 par (12/10/2021)
466 téléchargements
* AutoUpdate that gives the eggdrop the ability to download and install the BT if a new version or bug fix version is on github. All BT files and settings are saved and restored after install.

* Capability to create aliases (commands based on BT official commands) foreach user.